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About Us

SCOGUI are a Loughborough Student Society that will have a go at almost anything; basically, we love to have fun, go on adventures, and challenge ourselves to try new things.

Our club

SCOGUI is Loughborough Students Union Scout and Guide Club. We are open to any members of Loughborough University, College or RNIB (18+).

It’s hard to describe exactly what SCOGUI does, because we have a go at almost everything, but in short, we love to have fun, go on adventures and challenge ourselves to try new things. If you’d like to find out a little bit more about what we do, then have a read through our Facebook page or check out one of our YouTube Videos - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIRZ6MQehrQ&feature=youtu.be

The perfect time to join is during freshers! We’ll be at the Union Bazaar so you can come down and have a chat with our members.

If you can’t make the bazaar or would like more information please email our Publicity Officer: Publicity@scogui.org.uk

Our social media

Our universities

Our members

We currently have 12 active members.

Our current chair is Jonathan Swales.

Our mascots

SCOGUI Bear - Our Unstealable Mascot who is rather old and well loved.
BOO BOO Bear - The old gits don't like him and he has been on many adventures, his favourite place to hide is up a tree.

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